Many Pies

Many Pies

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bible App Builder

I was introduced to this by the guy who is behind Bible Resources: how to find and how to share them. It's an application that allows you to build an Android Bible app, containing a single language. There's a good writeup of it here: Going Mobile with Translated Scripture. I tried it myself with some public domain English Bible text and it worked really well. As I've done Blackberry development I tried to see if the Blackberry porting tool could repackage it for the BB10 platform, and it could.

Update: The software has now been released: Scripture App Builder.
Update 2: A church in Northern Ireland has been helping synch the audio and the text without knowing the language! Apportunity knocks

Monday, July 28, 2014

Space travel and Bible Translation

(These opinions are my own - who else would want them?)

One of the problems in getting people interested in Bible Translation is that it's such a long job, taking 5 to 20 years to translate a New Testament. Other worthwhile causes that people support take place on smaller timescales. So when I was reading about another human endeavour that took place on similar timescales I wrote a blog entry for the Wycliffe blog: Which takes longer - a space mission or Bible Translation?, drawing parallels between the two processes. Our wordsmiths sprinkled their fairy dust on it and it was published this morning.