Many Pies

Many Pies

Friday, May 31, 2024

I was suspended on Twitter for no apparent reason

I try to avoid moaning too much on Twitter, but I've been suspended, so I'm going to moan about Twitter here. A few days ago I got a message that I'd been suspended. The last thing I tweeted was to retweet this picture:

It's not so straightforward though. As well as telling me I was suspended it also said I could subscribe. Sometimes I can see my old tweets, sometimes I can't. Sometimes I can see people I follow, even though it says I am following no-one, sometimes not.

What could I have done? I have several theories:

  • I liked a post I shouldn't have. As I can't get at my likes I can't check this.
  • My bio ("I ride tandem...") somehow breaks the rules.
  • I mentioned my mastodon id.
  • I called it Twitter and not X.
I've tried asking for a review, but as soon as I fill in the form I get a reply seconds later saying that they're not going to re-instate me. I do have a second twitter account that I set up, so I can still use that. It shows that it's probably worth creating a second account just in case you get banned in future.

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Preventing duplicates from FormAssembly in Salesforce

Just a quick one.

When using FormAssembly (FA) with Salesforce that if you had a duplicate rule set to alert, then that would cause an error message to appear on the form. FA would treat this as a failure and not proceed. 

I submitted a suggestion to them that they treat duplicate alerts as warnings and not display them to the user, but I couldn't get them to understand what I meant.

So we have to handle duplicates after the fact, with a daily check, using a Google sheet that we wrote that looks up email addresses.