Many Pies

Many Pies

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A sight to make an IT Director's heart glad

These are some discarded filing trays in a store room. This means that people need paper less, which means less printing, which means less use of printers that keep going wrong. Not that I'm against paper altogether (and there are more pieces of paper on my desk since I wrote that). However there is a good case for using it less where it makes sense. In fact several good cases.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Letter sweep

I liked the idea of Tim Bray's letter sweep so I've done the same thing.

[a] - birthday presents, the odd CD for me.
[b] - editing this blog.
[c] - web designers blog. If I click through his feed from Google Reader it never works, so I go straight to his site. Perhaps I ought to tell him.
[d] - Useful if a site goes down.
[e] - the website of our training organisation. At the moment I'm in between reworks.
[f] - like [insert latest stat here]% of the population.
[g] - I heart The Guardian.
[h]something - our local intranet.
[i]something - our organisation wide intranet.
[j] - runs a couple of apps listing vacancies and asking lots of questions of potential recruits.
[k] - I was finding out this churches postcode.
[l]not disclosed for security reasons
[m] - this blog.
[n] - always good to know.
[o] - they use some of our spare office space. We have more available!
[p] - my site.
[q] - no default, but the most useful on in the suggested list was this interesting article
[r] - previous versions of websites.
[s] - top quality programming answers.
[t] - tech news aggregator.
[u] - my church.
[v] - essential web developers tool.
[w] - our website, I'm always working on minor changes.
[x] - no default, the most useful was this site about wikis built on the engine that uses (don't know why it came up under x).
[y] - no default, though I do visit .
[z] - no default, though my recent search for "zero inbox" was at the top.