Many Pies

Many Pies

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I have a simple question - Does Plone support version control of documents? I would have thought it does, as it's a pretty basic requirement of any CMS I would have thought. Can I find the answer quickly though? No. There's a project for Zope version control which hasn't got anywhere since 2001 it appears (though some page were changed this year). It says it's going to be in Zope3, yet Zope3 doesn't appear to support it.

So I'm still searching.


Anonymous said...

Plone doesn't do version control quite yet -- it's a highly request feature, but as you can imagine, pretty complex to do really well. The Plone Elves are hard at work on it, and I've heard that CMFEditions is almost ready for release. You can check it out at

Paul Morriss said...

Thanks for the info. I came across that page in between this post and writing the next one. The thing that put me off was the word "alpha" on the release name. To my thinking alpha is internal, beta is external, but I guess in the open source world there is no internal. I'm not ready to build a system yet, but hopefully by the time I am this product will be ready.