Many Pies

Many Pies

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Monsoon - Wycliffe Asia Pacific

My colleagues at Wycliffe Asia Pacific who support various Wycliffe organisation in the Asia Pacific area had a brochure designed by an outside organisation to try and get people to work for them. The Wycliffe Asia Pacific Communications department are calling themselves Monsoon Communications. The organisation that did it put the brochure on the web, though Monsoon didn't know about it. It's all free publicity though.

So if you're a Christian design professional in the Asia Pacific area then why not get in touch with them?

Update: They have their own website: Monsoon.


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John Tazumi said...


I am interested in volunteering with Monsoon Communications. I am a missionary with SEND International and will be moving to Manila for a year or two. I am a photographer and a Graphic Designer (in the making) wanting to serve the Lord with these skills. Is there a contact email for Wycliffe Philippines?


John Tazumi