Many Pies

Many Pies

Monday, June 18, 2007

How to get your own websites on a Raiser's Edge user's home page

The Home "page" that an RE user sees when they start up RE contains some predefined links, e.g. Go to, search the knowledge base.

Through the RE user interface you can't edit these to take the user to the web pages you want, for example your online procedure manual.

Here's how to do it through the backdoor method.

Disclaimer: this method involves modifying your RE database. This is a dangerous thing to do. Do so at your own risk.

Through the "organise favourites" option take a copy of one of the existing web links. Name it to whatever you want.

Then through the SQL Query manager run the following SQL command:
update userfavorites set linkid='' where description='Your description';

This will change all the favourites with that name. I haven't found a way of adding a favourite to every user without doing it one by one. Even if you set up a new user and copy user settings, it doesn't seem to copy favourites. So it's best to create them all and then run the SQL command.


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