Many Pies

Many Pies

Monday, September 10, 2007

Subversion fun

I'm trying to bring in source code control on a lot of existing code. Just for fun I right click on a directory and choose "create repository here..." (I'm using TortoiseSVN). I get a choice:
Native filesystem or Berkeley database
So I click help. On the help page is the warning:

Do not create or access a Berkeley DB repository on a network share. It cannot exist on a remote filesystem. Not even if you have the network drive mapped to a drive letter. If you attempt to use Berkeley DB on a network share, the results are unpredictable - you may see mysterious errors right away, or it may be months before you discover that your repository database is subtly corrupted.

I'm glad I clicked help rather than guessing the right thing to do, as this directory is on a network share. Why couldn't subversion just see that it's a shared directory and not give me the choice?
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