Many Pies

Many Pies

Monday, October 01, 2007

Procedure writing and post-it notes

For a while I've had it on my mind, and low down on my to-do list to move our procedure manual, currently in Lotus Notes, to a different medium. Some of the criteria were:

- easily editable
- hyperlinking between documents
- web accessible
- version history maintained
- looks good when printed
and this is the one that distinguishes options
- users emailed when procedures they are interested in change

My conclusion has been to use a wiki. What I'm trying to get people less dependent on paper - though the "looks good" criteria recognises that it will never be got away from, certainly while not everyone has two monitors.
One thing paper procedures are good for, is when I've changed something, and I want to test that it worked in the real environment. In this case I email them saying "give me a shout when you get to step n". They put a post-it note on the appropriate point, and give me a shout. What I now need to think about is a good way of doing that, which is easy for all concerned.

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