Many Pies

Many Pies

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cocomment exposes your emails from flickr

What happened was this:
I installed the cocomment Firefox extension. While on flickr I sent a flickrmail to someone. I didn't turn off comments, so cocomment tracked mine. I have an RSS feed to comments similar to mine, so anyone else with the same extension who sent an email from flickr (flickrmail) showed up in my feed reader:

Something to be aware of. Although it's tempting to read those emails, I haven't.


joaquin said...

I read your comment. I am sorry you had this issue. I have already report it to out IT department. Will get back to you when we have fixed it, so no one else in the future has this happening to them.
You can reach me at

Paul Morriss said...

Thanks for looking at it. I thought it was just a feature of the way the system works, though if you can stop it somehow that would be good.