Many Pies

Many Pies

Monday, May 12, 2008

Game creator on Popfly

I tried out the new game creator on Microsoft's popfly site over the weekend, including introducing a couple of my children to the art of game creation.

I've tried popfly before. It can be compared to Yahoo pipes for getting web stuff working without programming, but is more powerful. What I didn't appreciate until I tried to install it on our Windows 2000 PC is that it's based on Silverlight not Flash. After two unsuccessful attempts (because the unhelpful error message didn't say it failed because of browser or OS) I tried our Windows XP machine. I guess the whole point behind MS giving away all this functionality is to get us hooked on Silverlight. Which is fair enough in some senses. However, given that Flash and Firefox both work on Windows 2000, it's annoying that their Windows operating system lifecyle (i.e. we don't support Windows 2000 any more) applies to all their software that they could probably develop for Windows 2000 relatively easily.

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