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Many Pies

Monday, June 02, 2008

Facebook Apps on Google's App Engine

Since I wrote my first Facebook app I've been wondering if you could host it on Google's App Engine. Hosting at a low price is a problem - the free sites seem to be driven by ads, which don't get served up when you just run scripts. There's a lot of low price hosting, but you're tied into a contract.

Amazon's EC2 is pay as you go, but not cheap if you're just wanting to try stuff out. I came across this blog entry this morning in which someone seems to have got the two working together - Facebook Apps and Google's App Engine. Now I just need to understand it...


Admin said...

Hi Paul,

I have made a nice tutorial on how to create a basic Facebook application using Google AppEngine and integrate it into Faceook. Here is a link to it. Facebook + Google AppEngine... I hope this is useful... Please feel free to send me comments...

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Dhiraj said...

instead you could go for ,its a cloud and u can host ur apps there !!