Many Pies

Many Pies

Friday, May 01, 2009

NetCommunity API and VB Express 2005

I've just managed to get the NetCommunity 5.1 API samples to build with VB Express 2005 (no longer available for download).

There were two reasons it didn't "just work":
  • No NetCommunity on my PC
  • For some reason one of the .vbproj files (SampleParts.vbproj) was rejected with the error ".vbproj is not supported by this version of Visual Studio".

I got around it by creating a new project and importing the files. I also tweaked the references in the other project files to the BBNCExtensions.dll and the Service dll to the following:
C:\Program Files\re7\Custom\Shelby\BBNCExtensions.dll
C:\Program Files\re7\Custom\Shelby\Blackbaud.NetCommunity.WebService.Interfaces.dll

Note that RE path is where our RE lives - yours may be in program files\blackbaud\the raisers edge or something like that. That works because I have the dlls in my RE installation, probably because I have the plugin. Because our RE lives in a non-standard place I had to copy the bits and the end of the .vbproj files where it copies things to a the shelby directory quoted above. To deploy onto the real server you have to copy them out of there anyway.

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