Many Pies

Many Pies

Friday, August 06, 2010

Random thoughts

Random thoughts from my trip to London yesterday:

I noticed that Android phones aren't ashamed to declare their operating system in the Carphone Warehouse and Samsung billboard adverts. Previously I'd just seen the little Android figure peeking out from behind a phone on a TV advert. I guess it's a unifying brand across all the different handsets. Of course they mention the Android app store. So "app" is the new buzzword - I saw a browser toolbar being described as an app the other week.

I listened to a few episodes of Guardian's tech weekly podcast and one of the presenters mentioned that one of the Google offices had a beach volleyball court. So do we!


Anonymous said...

OK, the link to your beach volleyball doesn't work... I really want to see this!

Paul Morriss said...

The link should be a list of tweets where I describe the benefits of working for Wycliffe UK. Twitter search doesn't seem to be working. The benefits are: swimming pool, lovely surroundings, sometimes music from on-site groups.