Many Pies

Many Pies

Friday, March 04, 2011

Letter sweep

I liked the idea of Tim Bray's letter sweep so I've done the same thing.

[a] - birthday presents, the odd CD for me.
[b] - editing this blog.
[c] - web designers blog. If I click through his feed from Google Reader it never works, so I go straight to his site. Perhaps I ought to tell him.
[d] - Useful if a site goes down.
[e] - the website of our training organisation. At the moment I'm in between reworks.
[f] - like [insert latest stat here]% of the population.
[g] - I heart The Guardian.
[h]something - our local intranet.
[i]something - our organisation wide intranet.
[j] - runs a couple of apps listing vacancies and asking lots of questions of potential recruits.
[k] - I was finding out this churches postcode.
[l]not disclosed for security reasons
[m] - this blog.
[n] - always good to know.
[o] - they use some of our spare office space. We have more available!
[p] - my site.
[q] - no default, but the most useful on in the suggested list was this interesting article
[r] - previous versions of websites.
[s] - top quality programming answers.
[t] - tech news aggregator.
[u] - my church.
[v] - essential web developers tool.
[w] - our website, I'm always working on minor changes.
[x] - no default, the most useful was this site about wikis built on the engine that uses (don't know why it came up under x).
[y] - no default, though I do visit .
[z] - no default, though my recent search for "zero inbox" was at the top.


psd said...

cool stuff Paul. I <3 The Guardian, too!

Unknown said...

"[n]ot disclosed for security reasons"

Well, according to the alphabet it should be the letter "L". Is it "localhost" like at Tim's list? ;-)

Paul Morriss said...

I think I'm pretty safe in saying it's not localhost. I've now put the right letter in brackets.