Many Pies

Many Pies

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Are you getting permission to use cookies on your website?

I recently came back to this issue when reading a Data Protection update on Lasa's ICT Hub Knowledgebase. We use cookies for donations processing and that's OK as it's necessary for the transaction. However the problem for us, like many sites probably, is that Google Analytics uses cookies.

There's a good overview of the issue on the Webmasters Stackexchange site, including a link to a simple solution for getting permission. I reread the latest guidance and spotted for the first time that it said about such third party services that they
...will no doubt adapt to achieve compliance with the new rule...
Six months to go and there's no sign of it...

Has anyone seen a website, apart from the ICO themselves, getting permission to use cookies?

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James Heywood said...

We're assessing the cookies we're using and categorising them. Will start making decisions closer to the deadline of May.
Nobody wants to go first, do they?