Many Pies

Many Pies

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

15 years with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the UK

My previous certificate of long service - for 10 years

15 years ago I went part-time in the job that I was doing. (I was surprised how there wasn't too much fuss when I asked to go part-time. Either it was because they wanted to see less of me, or because it was better than losing me altogether; I don't know which.) I then spent two days a week working for Wycliffe. One of them was in the office, which meant getting up at 6am to get onto the M25, and one was at home.

After 18 months of that, in April 2000 I went full-time as Business Systems Manager, one week before two major systems went live. That was a very busy time! In July 2004 I went from being a member to being an employee. Apart from a more steady income, it didn't make much difference at the time. In June 2010 I became IT Director whilst continuing to be Business Systems Manager.

Those are the major milestones - more detail will have to wait for my autobiography or my CV, neither of which I plan to write in the near future. The big thing on the mind at the moment is our office move, which will take place in two weeks' time.

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