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Many Pies

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Really interesting webby/marketing vacancy

I've heard through a colleague that one of our partner organisations, SIL, is looking for a “Web Channel Manager”. There’s a brief advert on our website for it: Web Channel Manager. I asked the person who’s recruiting, Dave Pearson, for more information and they said:

We’re really good at developing quality language tools and content, but we have no idea how to make money from them. For example we've developed dictionaries for hundreds of languages and we've just started putting them online. We want the speakers of these languages to have free access to their dictionary, but if a linguist from Harvard wants to access it there’s no reason why she shouldn't pay something. We've got a wide range of software products to manage access too. And we’re pretty sure it must be possible to raise support through our impressive frequently-visited website, but we don’t know how. We want our various publics to have a good customer experience but nobody in our organization even uses the word customer! We need to do effective marketing, but we don’t have a marketing department. So if you have marketing skills to bring to our web presence then we’d like to talk to you.

As well as marketing skills it looks like you’d need a good understanding of business models for “content” and software, whilst being mindful of SIL's non-profit status. Fundraising experience would be good too. SIL's staff are scattered around the world, so good cross-cultural skills would be an asset. The position is based in the UK (ignore what the website says), but would involve travel abroad. Unlike many of the vacancies on our list, this position is salaried. If you’re interested in this then contact Dave Pearson:
dave_pearson [at]
Mobile: +44 7985256581
Skype: dave_pearson_sil

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