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Many Pies

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Salesforce DevOps - can you get away without knowing git? - part 1

Here at Wycliffe we've started looking into Salesforce DevOps Center [sic] and I've been doing some investigations. If you're a dab hand at DevOps in general then this isn't for you. If you've heard of it and want to know more then read on.

This step by step tutorial is a good start. My observation is that, for whatever reason, in the past Salesforce didn't give much attention to the deployment process with Change Requests that were a bit faffy to use. So third parties developed their own tooling, and now Salesforce with their own DevOps Center are trying to catch up with those third parties.

One question I had as I actually started using DevOps Center was whether you needed to understand git, or could you just get by with mostly ignoring it. When you set up DevOps Center you need to associate it with a git repository, so you have to at least interact with After that though, you can carry on, even though you don't really know what a branch is.

However, when I wanted to put my work item up for review, there was no more escaping:

The rest of my team haven't used git, though one has worked through a tutorial. My challenge is to try and lead them through the process and see if we can get by with understanding just the bare minimum of how git works. I'll write more posts about that as I explore.

Bonus link via Julia Evans, why Git is hard.

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