Many Pies

Many Pies

Monday, July 03, 2006

Catching the interested

We've started a new strategy recently for handling people who are thinking of working for us. The previous strategy, which was developed a few years ago, was a four part online form. We get a number of enquiries from people, but it can take a lot of time to respond to each one, particularly when you are asking and and answering the same questions. Quite a lot of people decide they'd like to be a missionary and then email ten mission agencies asking for more information. The online form was designed to make these people realise some key things - such as "we don't pay salaries (in general)" and "we need your church approval". So there are some boxes you have to tick to say you understand that. It also gathers useful information to save you having to go back and ask the person later: what skills do you have, what is your Christian experience and so on.

The other thing the form does is allow us to pass information around other parts of the organisation. (I say "us", but it's not really me, I didn't design this system, I just the caretaker of it.) People come to the Wycliffe UK website from all over the world, and we can automatically send the results of the form to the appropriate person in a country near where they are, because we ask them for their country.

That's the old way. The new way is to offer a couple of other options - a one to one IM session with one of our recruitment people, or a quicker form, which doesn't ask so much. The old option is still there. We have had people start using the new methods, so we're just waiting to see if this will help us catch more people by providing a quicker, easier response, or if it will take up too much time responding to people who aren't that keen anyway.

You can get to these new ways of responding via our Latest Vacancies page.


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