Many Pies

Many Pies

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Entry on the Wycliffe UK blog

I've just done an entry on the Wycliffe UK blog about Easy Bibles. I've had the ability to add entries, but people with better information than me and able to write gooder than what I can have been putting stuff on there. However there was something that interested me, so I wrote an entry.


paulmerrill said...

Hey Paul. Thanks for visiting my new blog. I also am glad Phil is on your team. I wish trans-Atlantic travel were cheaper; it would be fun to visit Wycliffe UK. (I think you know I served there from 1995-98.)

Paul Morriss said...

I didn't know that, though I now have linked your wife's name to the fact that we used to get post for her when I started here in 1998!

Maybe in a while we can swing it to get a worldwide social media meetup somewhere. (Though meeting in person isn't very web 2.0.)