Many Pies

Many Pies

Monday, August 06, 2007

Catalyst and dreamhost

Continuing my adventures with the Perl Catalyst Framework. I've spent a few days trying to get it to work on Dreamhost. There are references to it out there, and some pointers, but no sign that anyone's actually managed to get it working under FastCGI.

So now I'm pondering whether to risk another shared hosting company, or pay the extra for a virtual server, with more control.


Jimpa Stimpa said...

Hey Paul,

Read your bits on Catalyst and have installed it via Vista myself recently. Had a bash at FastCGI and ModPerl the other day but didn't have much luck, it's meant to work on Windows however Vista maybe another thing...... could have consulted irc but yeah, can be annoying at times. I'll probably give FastCGI and ModPerl another bash on Windows again before I consult the gurus.

Oh and here's my plug :) Link to my blog and Catalyst fun.

Good luck with Ubuntu and FastCGI. I'm going to buy a USB hard disk and will install Ubuntu on that and see how things go on Catalyst and FastCGI.

Paul Morriss said...

Interesting blog. I've subscribed.

Anonymous said...

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Collin said...

I've been experiencing the same problem setting up Catalyst on Dreamhost. I've finally got an install working at . I've updated the Dreamhost Catalyst article with the instructions on how I did it.

I am still trying to install Handel on Dreamhost with no success. Have you run across any resources that might be able to help?

Paul Morriss said...

I haven't come across Handel.

Collin said...

Handel is Catalyst's eCommerce system. The introductory article is kind of old but I can think of a lot of things I could use it for.